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Non-DOT Reasonable Susp

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Service Description

A non-DOT (Department of Transportation) reasonable suspicion description refers to a situation where an employer suspects an employee of being impaired or under the influence of drugs or alcohol while performing non-DOT regulated job duties. This suspicion may arise from various observations or behaviors exhibited by the employee that indicate impairment. A reasonable suspicion description typically includes specific details about the observed behavior or physical signs that led the employer to suspect impairment. These descriptions may vary depending on the circumstances and the individual, but some common indicators of impairment may include: 1. Physical signs: The employee may exhibit bloodshot or glassy eyes, slurred speech, unsteady gait, tremors, or unusual body odor. 2. Behavioral changes: The employee may display erratic behavior, have difficulty concentrating or following instructions, demonstrate poor coordination, or exhibit mood swings. 3. Performance issues: The employee may show a decline in job performance, such as increased errors, decreased productivity, frequent absenteeism, or tardiness. 4. Odor: The presence of alcohol, marijuana, or other substances may be detected through the employee's breath or clothing. It is important to note that a reasonable suspicion description should be objective and based on specific observations rather than assumptions or personal biases. Employers should document their observations accurately and thoroughly to support their decision to initiate further action, such as conducting a drug or alcohol test or taking appropriate disciplinary measures. Additionally, it is crucial for employers to have clear policies and procedures in place regarding reasonable suspicion testing, ensuring that employees are aware of the expectations and consequences related to impairment in the workplace.

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