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4Sho Mobile  Drug Testing

24 hour mobile drug testing for court ordered and DOT drug testing located in Atlanta, GA. Book your mobile test today. 

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24/7 On-Site Mobile Testing

Our 24/7 on-site testing service in Atlanta is DOT certified, so you can rest assured that your results are accurate and reliable. Don't wait - get your tests done quickly and confidently with 4Sho Mobile Drug Testing today!

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Our Most Popular Mobile Testing Services

About Us


The proprietor, Reginald Huff, RMA has over a decade of medical testing experience. He is proficient and well versed with all pre-employment drug & alcohol screening, hCG (pregnancy ) testing and diabetic testing. 4SHO Mobile Drug Testing was created based on Reginald Huff's vision to provide easy, accessible medical testing with the utmost convenience.

No need for extended waiting room times...

The lab will come to you!

How We Test

We use the SmartReader, a more efficient and affordable way to provide drug testing for you. The SmartReader digital drug test system accurately reads rapid drug test kit results, eliminating accidental or intentional collector influence over the test result. The SmartReader rapid drug test kits can screen for any combination up to 18 medicants/narcotics in urine and up to 12 in saliva/oral fluid.  With over 250,000 different panel configurations available, we can test whatever you need!

AFFILIATED WITH: LabCorp, Omega, eScreen, & more!

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We're available via phone, email or our social media channels.

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